You will be asked to vote on two different version of the By-Laws – the version originally proposed by the Board at the Membership Meeting, and a version created after incorporating feedback from the members.

You can view the changes and complete text of each version of the By-Laws below.

>> Read the August 21st version of the By-Laws.

Changes made in August 21st, 2017 version of the By-Laws:

(a) Update our fiscal year to run from September 1st to August 31st.

This reflects how our organization has been run for several years.

(b) Changes the maximum number of Directors from 10 to 15.

While we do not anticipate reaching 15 Directors in the near future, we wanted to have the flexibility to add more beyond 10 if the opportunity presented itself.

(c) President is not required to attend all Board meetings.

This was a requirement that we felt was unnecessary, and put a strain on the President (or co-Presidents) to work around their schedule. The Board still requires a quorum to be present to make changes.

(d) We are permitted to have two “co”-Presidents

This reflect how our organization has run for the last two years, as Thomas and Ayako have shared the position of President.

(e) Vice-President is no longer a required position

This position is not required by any governance body, and did not have clear roles or responsibilities.

>> Read the August 24th version of the By-Laws.

Additional changes made in August 24th, 2017 version of the By-Laws:

This includes all changes made in the August 21st version of the By-Laws

(a) Add a requirement that members of the Board of Directors attend at least two-thirds of the regular and special meetings during each year.

(b) Require that in cases where there are two co-Presidents, one of them must attend each meeting of the Board.