San Francisco Civic Music has several performance ensembles that allow many musicians to take part! Each group has a different focus and schedule, and instrument needs may vary by ensemble and set.


The Association currently operates the following ensembles and programs:

  • San Francisco Civic Symphony (SFCS) is a symphony orchestra that performs both standard works from well-known composers as well as new works by contemporary composers. The SFCS performs at least four concerts per year and rehearses on Wednesday evenings. The Civic Symphony does not have auditions, but openings on some instruments may be limited. Music Director and Conductor: Jessica Bejarano


  • Mozart to Mendelssohn (M2M) is an orchestra that performs works from the Classical and Early Romantic eras, roughly from Mozart to Mendelssohn. The M2M orchestra performs at least four concerts per year and rehearses on Tuesday evenings. Mozart to Mendelssohn does not have auditions, but openings on some instruments may be limited. Music Director and Conductor: John Kendall Bailey


  • Civic Strings is a smaller, string-focused ensemble, especially tailored for players getting reintroduced into classical music. This group is a string orchestra that provides a gentle re-entry into ensemble playing for those who may not have played for many years.  Civic Strings performs music of the baroque and classical period with a focus on string technique for these eras. Civic Strings does not have auditions. Music Director and Conductor: Thomas Alexander.


  • Summer Workshop is a summer workshop program for all players. The workshop is the perfect way to reintroduce yourself to playing in an ensemble. Players of all ability levels are welcome. The Summer Workshop does not have auditions. Coordinator: Darlene Daevu


  • Civic Chamber Community Nights are casual gatherings where musicians come together to read through 1-2 pieces of chamber music. Each Community Night features different repertoire, announced about a week in advance. Community Nights are the perfect opportunity to meet other musicians to form chamber ensembles. They are also great for musicians who are too busy to commit to weekly rehearsals for an entire set, but still want the opportunity to enjoy playing once in awhile. Coordinator: Cathay Bi


  • An Afternoon of Chamber Music brings exciting chamber music to the Bay Area through an afternoon concert series featuring ensembles who play selections by various composers, like Haydn, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn, as well as more contemporary composers like Lucie Vellere. Coordinator: Cathay Bi


All groups, except An Afternoon of Chamber Music are open to all interested musicians, as space and instrumentation allows.  There are no auditions.  To get the most out of your experience,  we ask that you choose a group based on your skill and comfort level.

Depending on your interests, schedule, and playing level, our Membership Committee will work with you to find the best fit based on your interests, schedule, and playing level.